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AXA Fold 100 Pro
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AXA Fold 100 Pro

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The Axa Fold 100 Pro is a premium folding bike lock designed to provide high security for your bicycle, especially in busy urban areas and high-theft locations. Its robust construction and innovative design make it the perfect choice for city cyclists and those parking for extended periods.

Key Features

  • Maximum Security: With a safety level of 11, the Axa Fold 100 Pro features an extra secure cylinder and 8 mm hardened steel links, ensuring exceptional resistance against theft.
  • Flexible and Long: Measuring 100 cm in length, the lock's flexible joints allow you to easily secure your bike to poles, fences, and other sturdy objects.
  • Durable and Protective: The lock cylinder has a cover to protect against moisture and dirt, extending the lock's lifespan. Additionally, the rubber housing on the links prevents scratches on your bike.
  • Anti-Rattle Mechanism: Enjoy a quiet ride with the built-in anti-rattle mechanism, eliminating any rattling noises while cycling.

Convenient Mounting

  • Versatile Bracket: The included bracket can be mounted on the bottle cage pivots or attached to the bike frame using the provided straps, ensuring compatibility with all frame types.
  • Easy to Use: The lock head is 360 degrees rotatable, making it simple to secure and unlock your bike from any angle.

Additional Benefits

  • Two Keys Included: Comes with two keys, and in case of loss, you can quickly order a replacement through Axa’s online key service.
  • Suitable for All Bikes: Ideal for e-bikes and city bikes, providing reliable security for a wide range of bicycles.

Technical Specifications

    • Length: 100 cm
    • Shackles: 25 x 8 mm
    • Bracket Mounting: Fits on bottle holder pivots or around the frame with straps
    • Soft Sides: Prevent scratching on your bike’s frame

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