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Flagship E-Cargo Wide Box Yellow Studio Picture
The electric cargo bike that ticks all the boxes
"This is what an e-bike really should be a legitimate car replacement."
- Cory Benson, Bike Rumor

E-Cargo Bikes

The only bike you will ever need. Top-of-the-range handling and powerful, yet silent, Brose S mag motor makes up for the ultimate commuting experience. With a 70 km battery range, we guarantee a joyful carefree ride. Go anywhere, anytime and in any weather without breaking a sweat.
"Low maintenance...a bike you never have to touch. Get on and drive off!" - Radelbande

Flagship e-Cargo Bike


Mini e-Cargo Bike


XL e-Cargo Bike


Flagship Step-through e-Cargo Bike

Hagen E Cargo Child Seat Side Panels Yellow Lifestyle Copenhagen
Designed to carry sh.. stuff

The Brose super quiet, top of the line motor gives you so much torque that carrying even the heaviest cargo becomes easy. The cargo bed is large enough to fit everything on your bike, and then some.

Hagen E-Cargo Enviolo Automatic Internal Gear Change
Simple, safe and low maintenance

The Enviolo automatic gear shifting keeps your attention where it needs to be – on the road. The Gates carbon belt drive lets you say good bye to oily by keeping your jeans clean and your drivetrain long-lasting.

Hagen Bikes E-Cargo Battery Range Yellow
Long range for long rides

The batteries provide an electric range of 70 km, making the bike suitable for long cargo deliveries. Charging our battery takes 4.5 hours if completely flat and 2.5 hours for 80% charge.

Hagen Bikes IoT Alarm Cloud App Safety
Built-in GPS theft detection

The GPS tracking gives you peace of mind when you leave your bike locked outside. If someone moves your bike while its locked, an alarm goes off and you receive a notification on your phone.

Hagen E-Cargo Bike Step-Through Frame Light Blue Factory Production
Custom colours let you stand out

Show your personality to the world by getting your bike in any colour from the RAL scale you want.

Hagen E-Cargo Riding in Copenhagen Lifestyle Yellow Bike
Two frames sizes

Bikes for people of all heights. Whether your shorter or taller, the different frame sizes have got you covered. Taller riders get to ride in style without needing to hike the seat post up to the sky.