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“Die Lastesel packen den Wocheneinkauf, eignen sich als Kindergarten-Shuttle oder als Reiserad für den Campingurlaub.” - Mario Hommen, Handelsblatt

“This is what an e-bike really should be – a legitimate car replacement.” - Cory Benson, Bike Rumor

"Alternativen zum Spritpreishorror”
- Welt.de, March 11th 2022

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Bold cargo bikes for your life’s adventures

Hagen makes cargo bikes that let you carry what you love anywhere you need. Whether your cargo is a pile of boxes or smiles back at you when you take the fun route instead of the expected one, Hagen keeps you connected to the world around you at every push of the pedal.

Hagen Cargo Bike Assembly Factory Tallinn Production
Built for your needs in the city

Each Hagen keeps your mind at ease with GPS theft-protection features while strong brakes and bright lights keep you safe and visible. We build each bike to last and back up the durability with a 5-year warranty. And if you go electric, every ride will be effortless and sweat-free-even when facing hills or wind.

E-Cargo Bike

The only bike you will ever need. Top-of-the-range handling and powerful, yet silent, Brose S mag motor makes up for the ultimate commuting experience. With 70 km battery range, we guarantee a joyful carefree ride. Go anywhere, anytime and in any weather without breaking a sweat.

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Cargo Bike

For the ultimate purist, this cargo bike is as raw as they come. Aerospace-grade chromoly frame gives it a nice steel bike riding experience while keeping it light. At only 24,5 kg, this bike rides like wind sweeping through the streets of the city you love. Choose your perfect size and color. Make it what you want it to be.

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We have already introduced you to our lockable and weatherproof cargo delivery box, which was an immediate hit in our product line. Handling with storage also means dealing with organization, so with this custom design we took a different approach on the use of space.

by Gert Lill on March 30, 2022