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Flagship Cargo Bike Blue
Explore Hagen Cargo bikes that keep the ride experience real
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Cargo Bikes

For the ultimate purist, this cargo bike is as raw as they come. Aerospace-grade chromoly frame gives it a nice steel bike riding experience while keeping it light. Starting from 23,8 kg, this bike rides like wind sweeping through the streets of the city you love. Choose your perfect size and color. Make it what you want it to be.
"A classic riding experience" - Radelbande

Flagship Cargo Bike


Mini Cargo Bike


XL Cargo Bike


Flagship Cargo Bike Frameset


Mini Cargo Bike Frameset

Flagship Cargo Woman Lifestyle
Flagship Cargo

Flagship is the regular-sized jack-of-all-trades of cargo bikes, happy to fit kids, groceries and all your hobbies in at once while putting a smile on your face at each push of a pedal.

Flagship Cargo Lifestyle Pink
Mini Cargo

If you need a compact bike for confined spaces that can still haul a heavy load – that’s the one!

Cargo Frameset Render Gray Background
Cargo Frameset

Have golden hands? Looking to build a cargo bike on your own? Get the frameset from Hagen, plan your build and go wild.

Hagen Bikes Steel Chromoly Frame Headset Bed
Aerospace-grade Chromoly Frame

Chromoly steel provides sleeker frames, faster speeds, and comfortable maneuverability, guaranteed!

Hagen Bikes Cargo Bed Size
Two cargo bed sizes to fit your needs

The compact cargo bed offers a lower turning radius, more responsive handling, and is compact to park while offering a similar load weight. The long cargo bed is for you if you participate in carry-stuff-olympics on a daily basis – fit everything on your bike, and then some more.

Hagen Cargo Bikes Factory Production
Everything is produced in house

Our bikes are produced and assembled in Tallinn, Estonia. This allows us to keep the quality standard high, and it gives us the flexibility to customize bikes upon request.

Hagen Bikes Two Colours Pink Yellow Lifestyle
Custom colors let you stand out

Show your personality to the world by getting your bike in any colour from the RAL scale you want.

Hagen Cargo Bike Lifestyle Yellow Copenhagen
Two frame sizes

Bikes for people of all heights. Whether your shorter or taller, the different frame sizes have got you covered. Taller riders get to ride in style without needing to hike the seat post up to the sky.