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Our coolest build to date?

par Kaspar Peek sur May 07, 2023

We all know that a special rider needs a special bike. That’s why you see so many Hagen cargos with small tweaks to make them personal. But it’s not very often we build bikes for the absolute legends in the cycling world…until now!

Custom Hagen Cargo bike

The idea that bikes need to be fun and playful is deep in our minds and brand here at Hagen. So one day that we were talking with our mentor, investor and a recently retired pro cycling Tanel Kangert. We thought why not reach out to his old team-mate, who embodies these values, to show what a cargo bike can be beyond a practical kids and good hauler. Tanel got in touch with Taylor Phinney asking what he thinks about cargo bikes and if he could use one on his downhill trail building missions – he was immediately intrigued.

For those of you that may not know of Taylor, he is perhaps one of the most gifted virtuosos who has stepped on the bike. Multiple time junior world champion, multiple time world champion in track cycling and a team time trial champion. He has not only all of the above, but has always embodied ethics, style and flow, whether it be making art, music or cycling.

Hagen custom cargo bike front view

So we started talking about what the setup should look like. I had already some plans in the back of my head, for example I thought some sort of camo would fit the bike well if it was to go on trails. Taylor added his ideas – he wanted a comfy bike with a high front end, a dropper seat post to sit down when going uphill and drop the seat to bomb down the mountain after a hard day's work and knobby fat tyres.

Taking all of that into account, we set to work. In the end, we were super stoked on the outcome. After all the boys here in the shop had ridden it, I remember asking ‘top 3 bikes we have ever made?’, the reply was something like "…umm. I think top 1 for sure!" I also remember taking the bike out on a lunch break, and thinking ‘Man, if I had no kids, this would be my dream cargo bike’. It simply looks stunning and with the tubeless tyres and Deore 10 speed gearing, this thing flies.

Hagen custom Deore 10 cargo bike

List of customizations:

  • Custom yellow camo pattern on side panels
  • BMX race handlebars and stem for a high cockpit
  • Dropper seat post
  • Tubeless Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres
  • No mudguards
  • Elastic net covering the cargo area to keep things from flying out
  • Brooks Cambium C17 saddle (fitted later, not visible on the images)

Hagen custom cargo bike handlebar

Here’s the first exchange after Taylor received the bike:
"I’m so stoked ! Been riding the bike every day—she’s a life changer, 100%. So hyped on it. The build is fantastic and the spec is so rad. Everyone stares at me haha, I love it."
Together with his girlfriend, they have gone to name the bike Stefi. So from here on – Stefi show us what you can do!

Taylor, if you’re reading this, since you inspired me to go brakeless on my BMX again, are you serious about landing a backflip before turning 40? I would like to put an open invitation to a foam pit + resi session somewhere – I need the extra motivation to get one done myself…

Much love,

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