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From Kp Cyclery to Hagen Bikes: A Bold Evolution 

par Roberto Gallegos sur March 07, 2022

We would like to share our brand story with you. How we started with an idea that evolved to a company with the sole mission to bring you bold cargo bikes for your life's adventures

It Started in Denmark

 Bicycle messengers of By Posten company (The City Post)

It is 1929 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Streets are crowded with people trying to get from point A to point B. Many of them need to carry heavy loads. Cars, although useful, are really only around for the rich to use. So they turned to the latest greatest invention the city had seen, The Long John. 

This was the name of the first two wheel cargo bike that revolutionised transportation in Denmark. These steel frame bikes were the real deal. They were easy to manoeuvre in the sharp corners of Copenhagen, they could transport heavy cargo and best of all they were cheaper than cars. 

In time the Long Johns disappeared, but their legacy would continue to live on. One person who was heavily influenced by the beauty, practicality and manoeuvrability was Kaspar Peek, a young engineering student who was studying in Odense. 


Kaspar and his second bike. 

So in  2014, Kaspar Peek together with a group of friends, passionate cyclists, started dreaming about building cargo bikes that would be true to the roots of it. So they studied the old frames, rode all the bikes they could find in Denmark. The team spoke to families that had been using cargo bikes for generations already to learn from them. 

Together they realised the importance and benefits the cargo bikes provided the citizens in Denmark. These people used their cargo bikes for Family vacations and basically any type of commute possible. 

KP Cyclery Was Born

As a result of his research in that same year 2014 Kasper and team established their first company KP Cyclery (then named KP Cykler) in Odense, Denmark. 

KP Cyclery manufactured  their own bikes and started to experiment with other products such as the– Sidecar bike. Unlike any cargo bike anyone had seen, KP Cyclery sidecar proved to turn heads wherever it went. It was perfect for small businesses that wanted to be noticed. 

In 2017 KP Cyclery moved back to Estonia. On native ground and with great influence from Denmark they allowed themselves to create various products that would put them on the map of bicycle enthusiasts all over Europe. One of them being their biggest success story. 

Welding the frame of the cargo bike. 

They wanted to take all their research they had done in Denmark and deliver a Cargo Bike true to the legacy of the powerful and iconic Long John. So after years of tinkering, modeling and planning they were able to create the famous Nighthawk Cargo Bike. 

First Night Hawk Cargo Bike

First Nighthawk  e-Cargo Bike

The product was an instant success. The first batches of bikes sold out and their reputation traveled fast. Pretty much as fast as their bikes. After enjoying years of success under the brand Kp Cyclery, Kaspar started to realize that current name was no longer carrying forward the idea of a future well-known cargo brand. They wanted something bigger, that represented their actual growth, and that would be more memorable in different languages.

HAGEN Pedaling to a New Horizon

With their production process polished, their knowledge of cargo bikes expertise established and a much more consolidated team it was time to evolve. Now they just needed a new name. 

They created a shortlist of 100 names. One of them being Hagen. One day, out of nowhere. Kaspar and team realized that it was Copenhagen and the Long John that started it all. So they could not think of a more perfect fit than to rebrand their new company with a name that would have so much weight in their companies history: HAGEN

First Satisfied Customer with the Nighthawk Bike

Now with a new brand name and knowledge based on hundreds of client feedback Hagen produced a new set of models that will continue to pave the way to their increasing success. The Flagship e-Cargo, e-Cargo Bike, Mini Cargo, Flagship Cargo and Step Through e-Cargo Bike to name a few are here to honor the legacy of Copenhagen and its Long John riders. 

In March 2022 they started a new chapter in the company. They have made their goal to bring all their cargo bike fleet closer to the bike-friendly cities around the continent, from Germany, to France, from Spain to the United Kingdom, and everywhere in between. 

Because they strongly believe in what they do. They want to deliver in each and every product BOLD CARGO BIKES FOR LIFE’S ADVENTURES.

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