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XXL Cargo Bike

durch Kaspar Peek auf January 31, 2023

We had recently launched a XL cargo bike, when Gernot wrote to us and asked – “can you go bigger?” It sounded absolutely mad at first – we had just launched the biggest bike we imagined was reasonable, and he wanted to go bigger. However, after a bit of thinking we got curious, could we actually go bigger?

Hagen XXL Cargo bike side view

Gernot had a specific goal in mind, he wanted to transport his 4 children. Normally you might consider a 3-wheeler, but he still wanted the real bike feel. After some measuring, he determined we needed to go 10 cm wider, thus having a 100 x 65 cm cargo bed. We did some 3D modelling and saw that it would not be a problem, you can still lean into corners without the frame hitting the ground.

So we set to work, after finishing the customizations in the CAD program, we got the tubing cut and started welding. Luckily, we had already developed a rearward-facing seat in 2021, so we had the ingredients for the 4-child bike. Once the bike was welded, it looked even bigger than it had done on the computer screen. Next to a regular XL big, it looked huge. It was so striking that for a moment we even started to doubt ourselves – had we gone too big...?

Hagen XXL Cargo bike

Those doubts started disappearing when we started to get the bike assembled. With more parts on, it started to look like a bike and since the length of the bike was the same as XL, we felt more confident. As Gernot works in the industry, he had requested some special parts – we fitted Hayes brakes, which looked ace, and by coincidence, it also turned out to be the first bike where we fitted full-black mudguards. The high-end brakes and the small detail of having fully black mudguards worked so well with the blue paint that it was love from first sight.

Then it was delivery time. We were excited to hear what Gernot thinks of his new bike, and we weren’t disappointed, neither was he:

Reviews.io Customer Review

We received an email on top of the review where he was really happy about the bike. This was even more of a compliment since he works in the bike industry, know the level of bikes around the world – a true testament of our abilities. Especially since he already owns a Ginkgo cargo too.

Not only was this a fun challenge for us, but also something that is really heart-warming, knowing Gernot can now haul all 4 kids ranging from 7 to 2 years old on a fun cargo bike that both the kids and the father like to ride. The only issue with the bike has been that when loading the kids diagonally where there is weight on one side in the front, the steering starts to feel a bit wobbly. I have personally also encountered this on my XL once when changing the tank on my barbecue and loading it in the front right corner of the cargo bed. So for anyone interested in the XL, bear in mind to load evenly when loading the front of the cargo bed.

Thanks for reading & much love,



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