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Founders corner: Why I love my cargo bike

durch Kaspar Peek auf September 15, 2022

The main reason why I love cargo bikes in general is how connected they keep the rider. I love how I’m exposed and connected with the nature, the weather, the city I’m in and also with whatever I’m carrying. A lot of the time, the latter being my little daughter.

Hagen Bikes Founder Kaspar Peek dismounting his BMX bike from XL cargo bike

When covid hit and lockdowns started, I got myself a BMX bike once again after 11 years and started going to the local skatepark from time to time, very slowly seeing if it can be fun or plain scary and stupid. Becoming a father at a same time, I also knew, organized sports are hard to do because you can’t really plan your evenings with a newborn at home. BMX seemed perfect as you can go and do it whenever. And that immediately rubbed off on our little daughter. After she started walking, she wanted to hit the skateparks too, on her little 3-wheeled scooter.

Kaspar peek doing a BMX bike trick next to Hagen XL Cargo bike

This has been the best thing ever. Mom has gotten her time to relax and we two can do something together that we both passionately enjoy. In todays world, this looks to be so understated. I remember growing up in a little village. The organised sports always lacked players, meaning grown-ups and children would play together. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters – it was a bonding thing. These days it seems like whenever you think of exercising, you think of adults getting together to train seriously or kids going to their practices while parents scroll their smart phones. So the family bond has been taken out of it due to the fast paced life and seriousness around the sports. There are so few sports that both adults and children as small as toddlers can do together. Luckily riding skateparks can be enjoyed by parents and kids at the same time.

Founder Kaspar Peek riding with his kid in a skate park

What we have benefited from is a local skatepark being 3 minutes away from our home. So this summer, we went there nearly every evening and on weekends, sometimes as much as 3 times a day (that wore me out, but she insisted). From time to time we would ride out to other small skateparks with our cargo bike. Bringing her scooter, but missing my bike. The more we did this, the more I started feeling like a parent taking a kid to football practice with a Range Rover and sitting on the bench, watching – not very inclusive. That got me thinking – should I try and see if I could pick up skateboarding or scooter riding myself to have a smaller ‘instrument’ to take with me and fit into a cargo bike.. Or can I somehow take my BMX with me..?

Founder Kaspar Peek riding his Hagen Bikes XL Cargo bike with kid inside and bmx bike mounted to side

With the addition of the bike rack side hack, I whole-heartedly love my XL Hagen. With no other bike, could I have my scooter loving daughter, her scooter, my BMX and next year, our little boy all cruising together, exploring the best spots in town. The real steel Hagen is also a real glue in our family, tying us together into one fun loving punch.

Much love,


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