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Crafting Excellence: The Components Behind Our High-Quality Real Steel Hagen Cargo Bikes

durch Gert Lill auf August 20, 2023

At Hagen, we are committed to delivering more than just cargo bikes – we strive to provide an unparalleled riding experience that combines performance, safety, and style. Our high-quality real steel Hagen Cargo Bikes are a testament to our dedication to excellence. In this blog post, we'll take you behind the scenes to explore the selection of components that go into creating these cargo bikes.

Hagen Cargo Bikes XL

Headsets: Reliability in Every Turn

The headset might be a subtle component, but we never compromise on quality. We've chosen FSA headsets for their reliability, ensuring that the headset remains a worry-free part of your bike. Even though high-quality headsets come at a premium, we believe they are worth every penny for the peace of mind they provide.

FSA headset on a hagen cargo bike

Stem: The Perfect Reach

The stem of a bike plays a crucial role in rider comfort. Our cargo bikes are equipped with sleek 35 mm or 45 mm stems that keep the reach short, allowing you to maintain an upright position without compromising control.

Handlebars: Style and Functionality

The handlebars on our Hagen Cargo Bikes are meticulously chosen for their blend of aesthetics and functionality. We opt for handlebars with a clean, logo-minimal design that complements the bike's overall look. The rise in the handlebars provides a comfortable riding position while maintaining control and manoeuvrability.

handlbars of Hagen Cargo bike

Seat: Pragmatic choice

We believe that comfort should never be compromised. Our seat selection strikes the perfect balance between comfort and practicality. The seat is wide enough to accommodate a comfortable ride, without being overly wide, ensuring a comfortable experience for riders. We've learned that the seat is the first thing that the customer changes out, so we decided not to use something too special.


Gears: Elevating the Riding Experience

Gears are the heart of any bike's performance. To enhance your riding experience, we offer two options. The Enviolo system takes the stress out of gear shifting, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the ride. For purists, the Deore system provides ultimate control and precision. Meanwhile, the Alfine 8 on the pedal bikes strikes a balance between the two, ensuring a seamless and dynamic ride.

Read more about how to choose the perfect gearing for your needs.

Tyres: Performance and Safety Combined

Finding the right balance between aesthetics and performance is crucial for tyres. While slick tyres may look appealing, we prioritize safety above all. Our wide 55 mm tyres offer both comfort and traction, ensuring a smooth and secure ride even in wet conditions. Safety always comes first.

Spokes, and Nipples: Built to Last

We believe in durability, and our choice of double-wall riveted rims speaks to that commitment. Paired with DT Swiss spokes and nipples, these components ensure a sturdy and reliable ride, even under heavy loads. Our disc versions not only provide a sleek look but also enhance braking performance.

back wheel of a hagen cargo bike

Brakes: Safety and Performance Enhanced

Safety is paramount, especially when carrying loads. Our Real Steel Hagen Cargo Bikes come with upgraded MT400 brakes featuring 180 mm rotors. These high-performance brakes deliver superior stopping power, even when your cargo bike is fully loaded, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

hagen high quality disc brake close-up

Brose Motor: Power, Durability, and Silence

At the core of our Real Steel Hagen Cargo Bikes lies the revolutionary Brose motor, a testament to cutting-edge engineering. This exceptional motor not only delivers impressive power to effortlessly carry your cargo, but its durability ensures that your cargo bike remains a reliable companion for countless journeys. What sets the Brose motor apart is not only its strength and endurance, but also its whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to glide through the streets with the serenity that truly defines the Real Steel Hagen Cargo Bike experience.

brose motor closeup


Creating the Real Steel Hagen Cargo Bikes is a labour of love, fuelled by our dedication to delivering the best in performance, safety, and style. Each component is meticulously chosen to provide an exceptional riding experience, ensuring that you can confidently navigate any conditions while enjoying the journey. When you choose a real steel Hagen Cargo Bike, you're not just getting a bike – you're getting a testament to craftsmanship, quality, and a passion for biking excellence.


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