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Cargo Box with a Drawer

durch Gert Lill auf March 30, 2022

We have already introduced you to our lockable and weatherproof cargo delivery box, which was an immediate hit in our product line. Handling with storage also means dealing with organization, so with this custom design we took a different approach on the use of space.



Sometimes delivering a lot of stuff can be a pain when you need to reach for the stuff that’s at the bottom, so we decided to divide the inside space of the cargo box into two to add bottom access from the side.

With all the previous features from our regular cargo box, adding a drawer to the bottom makes organization simpler and adds a possibility to separate your products from each other


With easy accessibility in mind, we ended up using the same sliding top for this iteration. Using the same design principles, it is still lockable and weatherproof. The rails can carry up to 40kgs, which means the top can also be used as a table.


Main addition for the cargo box with this design was this big drawer, which you can open from the side of the box. We divided inside space of 200L into half and added it for easier access for the stuff that is at the bottom. It is also lockable, weatherproof and is running on the same solid rails.

No doubt that cargo box is a big hit from us. Adding this side drawer brings many new possibilities of organization and accessibility to our cargo bike. With its weatherproof design you can use it in endless ways whether you want to use it business wise or for personal use.


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