•   8 week delivery
  •   Locally produced
  •   Free returns
  • 5 year warranty

Business E- Cargo Bike

Business Cargo Bike E- Cargo Bike

Tailored made cargo bikes that fit your specific needs. Tell us what you want we will make it happen. All these cargo bikes are manufactured with aerospace grade chromoly steel for lightness & incredible durability. Our ability to customize the frame and graphics mean that your bikes will be unique and will stand out wherever they go.

Key Features

- Make your own cargo measurements

- Customizations to fit your needs

- Make your brand stand out with custom colours and graphics

- Fast shipping

- Steel frames - longevity

Additional Upgrades

- Weather proof cargo box

Get Inspired

  • Sprite – sidecars (although we will not be selling sidecars)
  • BoxBoten & Gorillas – demo bike only at the moment
  • Radkurier Karlsruhe – bike messengers
  • Small companies like Rødder & Vin, Hotel Mayrena, L’Hirondelle Meppel bike shop – custom paint and graphics

Standard Options

  • Steel frame – superior longevity
  • Battle-proven e bike motor and battery
  • IoT – smart fleet management. See which addresses couriers have visited. Time stamps. Smart diagnoses. Daily mileage etc.