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SKS Airstep Foot Pump
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SKS Airstep Foot Pump

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Introducing the SKS Airstep Foot Pump, a high-performance foot pump designed for effortless and efficient tire inflation. Featuring an integrated spiral hose and a large, easy-to-read pressure gauge, the Airstep Foot Pump is built with first-class materials and an intuitive design to ensure a smooth and powerful pumping experience.

Key Features

  • Back-Friendly Pumping: Designed for upright use, the Airstep Foot Pump allows you to activate the aluminum pedal with an ergonomic posture, minimizing strain on your back while delivering up to 7 bar of pressure.
  • Integrated Spiral Hose: The long, flexible spiral hose can easily reach both the front and rear tires from the center of your bike, thanks to the innovative MULTI VALVE head compatible with all valve types.
  • Easy Storage: After use, the stirrup folds down and locks with a push of a button, while the elastic hose rewinds to its starting position. The compact pump can then be stored conveniently on the included wall bracket.
  • Precision Pressure Gauge: The large pressure gauge provides accurate readings at a glance, ensuring your tires are inflated to the perfect pressure.
  • Durable and Reliable: Made in Germany, the Airstep Foot Pump combines durability with superior craftsmanship, offering a reliable pumping solution for all cyclists.

Additional Features

  • Gentle on Your Back: The design promotes an upright, comfortable posture during pumping, reducing back strain.
  • Integrated Storage Compartment: Keeps the spiral hose neatly stored when not in use.
  • MULTI VALVE Head: Compatible with all types of valves for versatile use.
  • Wall Bracket Included: Allows for easy and space-saving storage.



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